Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Have Lift Off!

Yay! Justin was able to start radiation last Wednesday, as most of you probably know already. Yeah, yeah, I have been a slacker. But it just means that our life is moving on. We aren't consumed with Justin and his health at the moment. So I am sure I am forgiven!

Justin finally remembered to ask about his radiation treatment plan. 20 times in all. So 3 down, 17 to go. I would've been able to say 16 to go, but the MIRO lost their power this morning so he wasn't able to get treatment. Weird. Unless they call him sometime today, he will be behind one day. Not a big deal. Justin said the only hard part about radiation is the early time slot. He seems a bit tired, but I think it is because the appointment is so early. And Justin still puts in a full day of work afterwards!

Today we are taking Jackson to a Retirement Residence so he can pass out candy to the people living there. This will certainly be a hoot. He is going to be a lion this year, and will probably hog all the candy for himself today!!!

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Anonymous said...

Off and running. Glad to hear that life is moving on and pretty soon all of this will be behind you. Thanks for posting the updates.
-J Summerson