Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Day to Go

Tomorrow is the last day of Justin's AVBD [minus the bleo!] treatment. #12. Many feelings and emotions arise for this occasion. Of course the obvious is joy, excitement, and RELIEF. There are other emotions that have surfaced that have surprised me though. Anxiety seems to be lingering around. Maybe it is the upcoming CT scan and PET scan that will follow his last treatment. I have heard it described as "scanxiety." The awful stress that comes before hearing the results of checkup scans that seem to never go away.

So please think of us not only on Monday, but for the week that follows. We hope to report back nothing but good news as soon as we get the results!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Countdown

I guess we probably have been counting down all along, but this last leg feels like the official countdown to the last treatment for Justin. He had #11 yesterday. The usual drill. His port was stubborn, he had to perform his usual gymnastic rountine which never seems to work and they always end up taking blood from his arm. That is usually the only dramatic part and it really isn't even a big deal. Justin did feel like he was nausea last night. He felt the same way at the same time with the last treatment. I am not sure if it is because he doesn't get the usual anti-nausea drug during his treatment. We were offered extra over-the-counter medicine so he can just use that if the nausea gets worse. And of course he is tired.

We had a great time at the Tiger's game last week and at the season ticket holder's party. It was a perfect day. I know, the Tigers didn't win, but it still was perfect. We couldn't have asked for better weather, Jackson enjoyed the entire 4 hour game, and we have to admit, it was an exciting game. Just a bad ending. But we soon forgot the pitful and embarassing ending when we were standing on the field, getting our picture taken with the Stanley Cup and Paws, and eating great food. Such a memorable day. I will post pictures soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Justin feels that when the energy hits, go all out. Some might think conserve, use sparingly. Not him. When he's got it, he uses it. So what has he been using it for? Facebook. We have recently discovered the addiction troubling so many out there. How many friends can you get? Him and I are in a competition we do with so many things! I don't think we will EVER get as many friends as Chris Hone. But who can beat Mr. Popularity anyway?

We had a great weekend in Lima. I was worried about Justin's energy level since the weekend after treatment seems to be a struggle. But everything went smoothly and was enjoyable. Good to see everyone and have a change of pace.

On the agenda this week: Jackson's 1st birthday!!! We are going to the Tiger's Baseball game and since we are season ticket holders we have been invited to a party after the game. We can get on the field too! Hopefully we can meet some of the players and ask them why they are el-stink-o this year. Seriously it will be an honor to meet some of them.